Nanobubble Technology in LPDP Summit Exhibition

01 Apr 2019 16:39:45 | Dilihat 200 kali

LPDP Summit is one of the annual events organized by the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education  (LPDP) and LPDP alumni. There were various kinds of activities in the event namely Entrepreneur & Professional Summit, Alumni Mengabdi exhibitions, alumni awards, and Magnet (Mata Garuda Network) launching.

The event, which was held on April 7, 2018, took place in the Dhanapala Building Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, attended by the director of the LPDP, about a thousand LPDP alumni, and invited guests. The keynote speaker was the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Sri Mulyani. contributed as a participant in the Entrepreneur & Professional Summit. The product introduced was nanobubble technology that applied in fisheries. represented by Hardi Junaedi and Dedi Cahyadi had the opportunity to explain about Nanobubble to Sri Mulyani when she was reviewing the exhibition stand.

Nanobubble is a machine that produces nano-sized oxygen bubbles. The nano size feature increases the bubbles’ stabilization in the water, so it can retain the dissolved oxygen (DO) in normal and optimal level.

The DO deficiency problem in water can slow fish and shrimps’ growth down. Farmers usually respond it by feeding more and causes organic waste build-up in the pond bottom. It lowers water quality, triggers diseases, and causes mass death to the aquaculture products.

Nanobubble, besides keeping DO stable, can also become a solution to maintain good water quality. Nano-sized bubbles enter into the wet mud / organic materials and causes the wet materials rise to the pond’s surface water and clump, so it can be removed by the farmers easily.