Nanobubble Is Nicknamed As “The Shrimp Pond Start-Up”

29 Apr 2019 08:56:35 | Dilihat 139 kali

Quoted from (Startup Tambak Udang Nanobubble Menangkan Kompetisi "Thinkubator" dan Raih Rp 825 Juta).

The Thinkubator startup competition just had ended and brought out one main winner. Nanobubble, a technology-based start-up engaged in shrimp farming, was chosen as the winner. Of the total 150 registered and tested finalists, the 6 best start-ups fought for their ideas through Live Pitching and judged by 3 juries: Chairul Tanjung (Chairman and Founder of CT Corp), William Tanuwijaya (Co-Founder of Tokopedia), and Frederica Widyasari Dewi (President of PT. KSEI).

The event initiated by Grab is looking for start-ups that have high social impact. From the live pitching’s result, the start-up came out as the winner. Nanobubble succeeded get the largest funding from the juries with total 825 million IDR: 500M IDR from William Tanuwijaya, 200M from Chairul Tanjung and 125M from Frederica Dewi. Nanobubble is a startup that uses nanotechnology to create air bubbles with high oxygen levels. This technology can kill the viruses in the aquaculture ponds.

It can make shrimps grow twice faster and its production increases for sure. Besides the Thinkubator program, Grab also has a Grab Venture Felocity program which also aims to attract new start-ups. Congratulation to Nanobubble, hopefully you can contribute more to the community.