Nanobubble.Id Starts Initial Implementation Of Nanobubble In BBPAP

23 Nov 2018 14:46:42 | Dilihat 208 kali

After had signed the agreement on November 22, 2018 with the Fisheries Institute (STP – Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan) at the Institute of Productivity Research Innovation and Development for Fisheries (IPRIDE4fish) event at the Jakarta International - Expo Kemayoran, the initial nanobubble implementation trial began on Monday (12/17) in the Brackish Water Aquaculture Center (BPBAP) Situbondo.

BPBAP is a Technical Implementation Unit (Unit Pelaksana Teknis - UPT) that conducts activities in technology engineering, technology assistance for the farmer communities, production of parent and shrimp / fish seeds, natural and artificial feed production, seaweed tissue culture, information and publications, fish farming supervision, fish health and environmental monitoring, laboratory testing services, and human resources assessments.

According to Fishaurus CEO Hardi Junaedi, the initial experiment was carried out in a pond with Vaname larval shrimp and Fishaurus provided 1 unit of nanobubble machine to support the shrimps’ growth.

Within two months of implementation, with the help of BPBAP team Wendy Tri Prabowo, the main focus at this time is to boost the dissolved oxygen (DO) to reach 7 - 8 PPM, because current DO produced only about 20 PPM.