Nanobubble.Id Explores Nanobubble Trials For Hydroponics

20 Nov 2018 14:52:16 | Dilihat 380 kali

CEO of Hardi Junedi and team visited a hydroponics farm owned by PT Agricole Indonesia Makmur located in Cisarua, Bogor on Thursday (11/20/2018). PT Agricole Indonesia Makmur is a company engaged in agriculture from nurseries to distribution of agricultural products i.e. fruits and vegetables.

Jovian Agustinus as the Business Development Manager? welcomed the visit. The visit’s objectives were to survey and plan the initial implementation of nanobubble machines for hydroponics. Location and the hydroponics system of kale and tomatoes in green houses were observed in detail.

For the next stage, an experimental plan will be carried out by using 1 unit of nanobubble machine into the kale and tomato hydroponics system. It is expected to increase the growth and productivity of hydroponic plants and accelerate harvest time.