Nanobubble, a local startup that wants to make "happy shrimps"

25 Apr 2019 09:36:55 | Dilihat 390 kali

Jakarta - So far, there is no start-up in the fisheries sector whose name is widely known in Indonesia. But, in the next few years, who knows Nanobubble will be one of the successful start-ups of this sector.

The startup that performed exceptionally at the Thinkubator Start-up Competition has one simple mission: 'make the shrimps happy'. By utilizing nanotechnology and Internet of Things (IoT), they want to help improving shrimps’ yield and shrimp farmers’ welfare.

Even though they were just starting to collaborate in 2018, Hardi have begun to develop a nano-tech aerator engine a year before. Also, the machine is integrated with IoT so it can easily be accessed by farmers via their smartphone.

The main function of this machine is to produce nano-bubbles that can increase oxygen levels in the water. Under normal circumstances, oxygen levels in the water are around 2-4 ppm, but with Nanobubble technology, it can be doubled. Water with higher oxygen levels certainly means higher quality. It also can accelerate shrimp growth and overcome viruses and bacteria.

Nanobubble’s engines use a quite advance technology. If such the technology imported, it costs an arm and leg. But they were able to create and patent themselves with LIPI Physics researchers, then give them free to partner farmers with a profit sharing system with 20% of each profit.

"If the farmers had to buy the machine, they would speculate the functionality of the machine and if it is worth enough to use it in their ponds. So we let them use it without charge that they interested to apply our technology and increase their yields.” Hardi said.

Even though it is just started, Nanobubble already has a success move. They have helped about four farmers and increased their yields fourfold compared to their usual yields. They also succeeded in partnering with government agencies to help developing shrimp ponds in Situbondo, East Java.

"KKP Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries is our partner farms in Situbondo, Balai Budidaya Perikanan Air Payau Situbondo (Situbondo Brackish Water Aquaculture Center, a research center for shrimp and grouper for exact," said Dedi on the same occasion.

Shrimp chosen as a focused commodity of Nanobubble is with an exact reason. According to Dedi, shrimp is one of the best export commodities from Indonesia.

"Shrimp dominates 60% of fisheries export," he said.

Although currently still focused on helping shrimp farmers, Nanobubble is excited to apply its technology in more ponds, and even in other sectors.

It has also been used for grouper and milkfish ponds, as well as for hydroponic farming. The success of getting the largest funding worth 825 million IDR from the Thinkubator was not predicted by Nanobubble. Especially considering that the other five finalists were no less great.

"Thank God, we got unexpected prizes. But we are also inspired by other teams. We were in a healthy competition, we competed fairly," said Dedi.

Nanobubble has numerous plans to utilize this funding. One of them is they want to develop a machine that can be used for 1,000 square meters of ponds. In addition, they also need funds for the company's operations, particularly the Nanobubble team is getting bigger, with a total of 11 people. In addition, they also hope to make this technology available to more farmers in Indonesia. At present, Nanobubble is already applied in three cities, namely Situbondo, Cilacap and Sukabumi.

"We are still focused on Java, because the majority of Indonesian coastal farmers are in Java. But if in Java has succeeded, we will expand outside Java, especially to Sulawesi and Sumatra," said Dedi.