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The #1st Nanotechnology Implementation in Fisheries and Agriculture in Indonesia

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Investment in Agriculture & Fisheries Technology

Invest (crowdfunding scheme) on technology transfer to our farmer/fishfarmer partners. You will get profit share from yields

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Buy or rent the Nanobubble machine and other technologies in fisheries and agriculture to escalate your yields.

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Increase Farmers Welfare
Eco-Friendly Technology
Empower small farmer in rural areas
Supporting Indonesian Food Security
Reliable, Guaranteed, and Affordable Products

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"I apply the nanobubble with Pak Wendi to our pond in Situbondo. Harvest time was faster and more plentiful. By using the nanobubble in our small ponds, I hope more local farmers have a better life."

Nawawi (Local Farmer)


"The nanobubble is a new breakthrough technology in supporting supra-intensive culture with stocking density more than 600 shrimps/m2. From my own experience 3 month using Nanobubble, shrimp productivity is increased significantly."

Wendi Tri Prabowo, M.Sc (Vaname Shrimp Researcher)


"The nanobubble aerator is designed for producing ultra-fine bubbles that allow dissolved oxygen enrichment so intensively that becomes an eminently effective solution on supra-intensive culture in fisheries"

Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, M.Eng, Ph.D (Indonesian Nanotechnology Expert)


"This is a good technology. Continue the development and market it to the society soon. Invite me to eat the shrimps after the harvest."

Sri Mulyani, Ph.D (Minister of Finance of Indonesia)

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